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Motor Enrichment and Sport Sessions

OT-Kids offers motor enrichment sessions to help support a child's therapy program and provide them with additional opportunities to work on skills that are introduced during weekly OT/PT sessions. Motor enrichment sessions are completely individualized to each child and their specific areas of interest and need however they are intended to be complimentary of therapy and do not take the place of weekly therapeutic intervention. Motor enrichment sessions are lead by Coach Mike and are individually tailored to each childs specific needs. Besides working on skills being addressed in weekly OT, Coach Mike can work on skills such as sports/athletics, activities of daily living skills, executive functioning tasks and assistance with organization and completion of academics/school work.Sport sessions are available to children of all ages and abilities. Coach Mike will work on foundational skills related to the sport of thefamilies choice to ensure that the child is developing proper habits and skills and a basic understanding of the rules of each game. Families can choose to focus on one sport or have the option of choosing multi-sport, where Coach Mike will work on skills and drills that improve throwing, catching, dribbling, shooting, kicking, batting and more!

Children Jumping on Trampoline
Boy Throwing Basketball

Learn more about Coach Mike on our Meet the Team Page!

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