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Evaluations-  OT-Kids offers comprehensive evaluations.  We assess each child individually in the areas sensory processing, fine and gross motor skills, praxis/motor planning and motor coordination abilities, activities of daily living/self care skills, visual motor/visual perception skills.  A comprehensive evaluation includes a combination of administration, scoring and interpretation of standardized assessments, clinical observations made by the evaluating practitioner, a written report of clinical findings and a parent meeting during which the findings and recommendations are discussed with the parents/caregivers.

Pediatric OT & PT Evaluation, Consultation, and Treatment

Developmental Screenings-  OT-Kids offers FREE Developmental screenings to local schools and families.  A free developmental screening is recommended for a child or family that might be displaying some areas of concern, but the school or parents/caregivers are unsure if therapy is needed.  Screenings provide a quick assessment of a child's skills through clinical observation by the practitioner. Standardized assessment tools are not used during screenings.  Parents will receive feedback either verbally or with a short write-up but a parent meeting is not provided. OT-Kids is proud to offer free developmental screenings annually to a number of preschools located in Fairfield County.


Independent Educational Evaluations-  OT-Kids offers Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE's) for local public and private school districts.  A school district or family might recommend or request an IEE when a discrepency is noted in a evaluation that was completed by another practitioner or when seeking guidance on alternative educational settings.  IEE's must usually be approved by the school or district before being scheduled.  If you would like to request an IEE or would like more information on how to request an IEE from your district please contact us for more information.  

Treatment- OT-Kids offers OT & PT treatment intervention to children of all ages and abilities.  Following an evaluation or screening, the therapist may make a recommendation for on-going intervention. Each program is individually tailored to the childs specific needs and no two programs look the same.  The staff at OT-Kids will make a recommendation as to the frequency and duration recommended for your child's greatest success based on the findings of the evaluation or screening. Treatment sessions are typically direct 1:1 intervention between a child and a therapist, however we also offer both small and large group options in order provide a variety of social, team building and cooperative play opportunities for children when appropriate. In addition to direct therapy intervention, OT-Kids also offers a number of alternative group options such as our Kickstart Kindergarten Camp, Stay & Play pre-school program, Yoga classes, Bike Riding Camps, Sports Classes and more!  

Parent/Caregiver Education-  Every family at OT-Kids is provided with on going consultation and parent education. Your child's therapist will give you a brief overview after each weekly session, where they will explain some of the activities that your child engaged in during their session and give ideas of ways to carry through with activities at home.  After each child's 8th session, you will be asked to come in for a Parent/Caregiver Education Meeting.  During this meeting the therapist will provide you with your child's goals and objectives for therapy as well as give you an individualized home program that will list recommended activities for you to implement at home to compliment their therapy program. On-going parent education is an imperative part of our program and if a family would like to request additional formal meetings with their therapist they are encouraged to do so at any time. 

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