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Let's Ride- Bike Riding Lessons & Camp

Have you ever heard the saying, "It's like learning to ride a bike" Have you ever thought about what that saying means? Learning to ride a bike is a complicated skill but it is also a rite of passage for many small children.  When kids learn to ride a bike they are able to explore the world in a new and exciting way. It is often one of their first experiences with self propelled transportation and allows them engage with parents and peers in many new ways.  

Let's Ride is a learn to ride program that utilizes progressive games and activities to build confidence and motor skills needed for successful and independent riding. This program is perfect for children ages four and older who are ready to begin riding a two wheeler, or more experienced riders that are looking for fun and more advanced skills such as more complicated turning and trail riding.

Let's Ride is run by Coach Mike and is offered in both individual and group settings.  We meet at various locations throughout Fairfield County and in some instances can come to your home.

Children are required to have their own bike (with or without training wheels) and helmets to participate in bike riding sessions. 

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