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The Write Stuff/Handwriting Without Tears-   The Write Stuff is a program that was developed by Kristi Nguyen (owner of OT-Kids) early in her career, when she was working as a school based therapist in Stamford, CT.  Often asked to work on handwriting skills with students that she felt were not developmental ready to learn how to write, Kristi designed a multi-sensory program to introduce letter formation and handwriting skills to young children with little hands, that were not yet ready to hold a pencil! Kristi's expertise in handwriting intervention lead her to spearhead a pilot program in the Stamford Public Schools, introducing Handwriting Without Tears to students in the RTI program.  Kristi applied for and was awarded the Creative Classroom Mini Grant by the City of Stamford Chamber of Congress which was used to purchase materials and support the pilot program which was implemented under Kristi's direction.


The Write Stuff grew into a homebased OT/Handwriting tutoring program where Kristi utilized the Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum as the foundation for teaching penmanship and handwriting skills to children while simultaneously addressing skills such as postural control, strength and motor coordination all of which are crucial to a child's success in the classroom, this turned out to be the first steps toward the creation of OT-Kids, LLC.  Kristi emphasizes the importance of making handwriting fun and motivating to the child. Often times this means working on writing without ever touching a pencil or paper! The Write Stuff approach to handwriting is messy, creative and fun, fostering a child's interest, confidence and motivation to learn to write! Our handwriting sessions often do not even use pencil and paper, as we believe that children can develop good handwriting habits through exploration of "out side of the box" writing experiences.  


Handwriting   Without   Tears   is   an   innovative,  research   based curriculum   providing  developmentally appropriate,  multi-sensory  tools  and  strategies  for  teaching  successful  handwriting  skills  to  children  of all ages from pre-school through cursive writing and typing skills. Over a decade after starting The Write Stuff, Kristi and the staff of OT-Kids continue to use the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum when working on handwriting intervention with our patients. We offer handwriting support to children in both individual sessions as well as small group setting. Each summer we offer our Kickstart Kindergarten program which is a multi-sensory, hands on and exciting camp based introduction to handwriting for children that will be entering Kindergarten in the fall.

Kickstart Kindergarten- Each summer since 2015 OT-Kids has held its popular Kickstart Kindergarten Summer Camp. Kickstart Kindergarten is open to all children entering Kindergarten in the following fall.  Using the Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum, the children enrolled in KSK engage in sensory rich, fine and gross motor activities to familiarize themselves with the foundational skills necessary for successful handwriting. Daily activities introduce letter formation, drawing skills, scissor skills and more through our social, interactive and fun curriculum.  KSK registration fills quickly, If you are interested in having your child attend our next KSK please contact our office to be added to the mailing list ASAP.  

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