Auditory Sensory Therapy/Listening Therapy

Therapeutic Listening 

Therapeutic Listening is a sound based intervention tool that introduces the listener to music that has been modified/modulated with specific sound patterns to impact and improve organization of the central nervous system. The benefits of Therapeutic Listening may benefit a wide variety of individuals of various ages who might exhibit:

  • poor attention

  • difficulties interacting with peers and limited play skills

  • challenges with transitions or changes in routine

  • difficulty communicating (both verbal and non-verbal)

  • struggles with sleep, bowel and bladder control, and eating

  • trouble following directions

  • challenges perceiving and navigating space

  • poor timing and sequencing of motor skills

  • difficulties with irritability, mood

  • difficulties with regulating their energy level (i.e. too low arousal or hyperactive)

  • postural insecurity (fear of heights, playing on playground equipment)

  • abnormal responses to various sensory stimuli (sounds, touch, taste, pain)

  • poor praxis and motor planning: coming up with an idea, planning, and completing a task

  • difficulty responding to sounds and verbal directions

Integrated Listening Systems (iLs)

Integrated Listening Systems Total Focus System is a multi-sensory music based therapy 

tool using therapeutically treated music combined with movement and cognitive activities

to challenge the body and activate neurological connections. 

Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)

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