Welcome to OT-Kids!  We have been providing occupational and physical therapy services to the children of Fairfield County CT since 2008.  Our therapists are dedicated to creating an environment that encourages children to soar to their highest potential through individualized programs focused on functional independence, effective sensory processing, appropriate motor development, healthy living habits and successful social interactions. We provide intervention to infants, toddlers and children of all ages and abilities, including but not limited to diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, sensory processing disfunction, learning disabilities, feeding impairment, orthopedic and neurological impairment.

OT-Kids is now offering pediatric OT & PT services at both convenient locations (Fairfield & Stamford), additionally we collaborate closely with Speech  & Language Pathologists, BCBA/ABA Therapists, Child Psychologist, Music Therapists, and Pediatric Social Workers as part of our partnership with the Harbor Light Therapy & Social Center in Fairfield CT. Our team of highly qualified and experienced practitioners ensures that each child receives an individualized plan of care that is focused on their individual needs.  Our  multi-disciplinary team approach supports children that require multiple therapies to be provided in one convenient location, while allowing for frequent and on-going consultation and collaboration amongst team members. 

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"Play is the highest form of research"

-Albert Einstein
What is OT?

The word occupational is defined as a "JOB OR PROFESSION" and childrens primary jobs are to play, learn and socialize, but sometimes, success in one or more of these areas does not come naturally for a child. Occupational Therapists help children succeed in all of their occupations by helping to identify what might be impacting their success or independence while encouraging development of age appropriate skills and the confidence to succeed across all environments. Pediatric oOT's incorporate play into all of our sessions as play is the most important occupation of all! 

We use the foundation of play to help children reach their highest potential in the areas of:

Self Care-

Motor Coordination-

Sensory Processing-

Self Regulation-

Oral Motor Function-

Visual Perception/Visual Motor Skills-


What is PT?

It can be difficult to understand the difference between what a pediatric OT and  pediatric PT might do in a clinical enviroinment.  Pediatric PT's support children in their attainment of gross motor skills and functional mobility. Strength, balance, coordination and motor planning (praxis) are all necessary skills for a child to have before they can achieve developmental milestones from infancy through adolescence. PT's support children with skills including but not limited to rolling, crawling, cruising, sitting, walking, running, climbing, jumping. They will often be involved in intervention for children that have torticolis, are toe walking, have low/high muscle tone, decreased endurance, are clumsy or trip and fall often or have difficulty with daily living skills such as walking, ascending or descending stairs, or engaging in age appropriate athletics

Would my child benefit from OT or PT?

The best way to determine if your child would benefit from OT or PT interventnion is to set up and appointment for a screen or evaluation, but some questions you might want to ask yourself first are:

Did my child miss any of their infant developmental milestones (rolling, crawling, cruising)

Does my child appear to seem over or under responsive to sensory input (sound, touch, movement, smells or taste)

Does my child have difficulty keeping up with their peers physically or socaily

Does my child often miss auditory information or appear lost or spaced out during school or other activities that require focus and listening

Does my child get easily overstimulated in less structured environments (recess, sports games, birthday parties)

Does my child have extreme difficulty handling changes in routine or schedules 

Does my child trip/fall often or do they seem more clumsy then their peers

Does my child struggle at school academically/socially 

Does my child appear to have poor endurance, balance, coordination

Is my child struggling behaviorally in school (hitting, difficulty attending, playing too rough with peers, frequently getting in trouble)